Why Do Humans Cage What They Love?

Someone said that God fell in love with birds so He made trees, man on the other hand fell in love with birds and made cage.

Why is there this tendency in man to cage whatever he falls in love with?

A man falls in love with a girl so he marries her and takes her home. Not before long, she starts complaining how he is gone most of the time and she is left ‘caged’ in.

We labour long and hard to have, possess and own more so we can take home and put away. This cycle is repeated until man realizes that he is better off giving away than hoarding.


Why do we crave to cage?


4 Replies to “Why Do Humans Cage What They Love?”

  1. Your views are just but there are few wise and just people in this world. Is it possible for a goat to appreciate a rose on the collar of your dress coat? I guess not. So, expect very few comments if at all.

  2. Hi Jermaine.

    Thanks for your powerful worship song “You Are God”, and reminder to journal daily for God. I am grateful for your rich reminder to rest in the presence of Jesus.


  3. Hi Minister Gordon,

    It is truly a blessing to read through your inspiring thoughts. I especially love your journal which is a constant reminder to journal seasons in our lives. Having that short talk with you about what God said versus what he is saying has shed considerable light on how I might discern the voice of God on the “now” “what he is saying to us/ to me, now”. The journal is a must have since its not just a regular journal but it has scriptures to go with it which are in themselves an inspiration.
    I pray that God will always pour out in you so that you may be able to pour out into the spirits of others. Your work is valuable and value is not just how many people it is of value to or how many people appreciate its value. Its value is however measured and accounted for by the response received when just one person finds it to be pure and true to hearts that seek God’s grace and his peace.

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